Nokia Lumia 800 gets Windows 7.8 upgrade

After a couple of price drops, Nokia Lumia 800 is selling for around Rs 18K which seems like a good deal now. It was launched back in late 2011 for a price of 32K and now the device is selling for almost half the price. If that doesn’t sound like a good reason to buy this mobile, we have something more.

Nokia has reportedly started rolling out Windows 7.8 upgrade for Nokia Lumia 800. Users in Europe and Dutch have already started receiving the updates, we assume it to hit the Indian market pretty soon.

Windows 7.8 upgrade will bring the latest enhancing features over the Windows 7.5. Some important upgrades are:-

  • To have new  start screen
  • Lives tiles can be resized
  • Improved Bluetooth sharing
  • New store icon
  • Ringtones maker
  • Highlights of Applications
  • Lock screen wallpaper for additional colours

Have you upgraded your Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows 7.8? Do share your experience regarding the upgraded OS.

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