Nokia Lumia 530 review in pictures

“Here’s a quick snapshot at what the successor of the Nokia’s best-selling smartphone of last year brings to the table”

The Microsoft-owned Nokia has an entire portfolio of Windows Phone devices in its Lumia series starting from the budget segment all the way up to the super-premium category. However, in India, it’s the budget segment between Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 which has made the brand extremely popular. Perhaps that’s the reason why the brand has outed three devices in this segment starting with the Lumia 525, then the first dual-SIM Windows Phone, the Lumia 630 (review | FAQs) and now the Lumia 530. As the name suggests, the Lumia 530 (first impressions | FAQs) is a successor to the Lumia 520, which was one of the most popular smartphones released last year. While our review will be out soon to take a look at its capabilities, you can have a look at what all the smartphone offers in the form of pictures.

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