Nokia Invites us to Invent a Phone for Future

Nokia took an initiative to encourage people with great ideas for future products and services. The company started program named Invent with Nokia. Nokia pays you, if your idea is really a out of box thinking and turns it to a patent. The program started today and open for everyone with fresh ideas. Nokia is looking for the

  • Ideas related to mobile phones
  • Ideas related to mobile phone applications/services (for an apps store)
  • Wireless standards (Cellular, WLAN etc)
  • Mobile device features (user interfaces, sensing applications etc)
  • Mobile device concepts (mechanics, displays, cameras, etc)
  • Mobile applications / software applications / services (e.g., maps, navigation, social networking, music, games, email etc.)
  • Mobile services infrastructure / Mobile service provider (e.g., for an applications store)
  • Mobile software / Operating systems
The genuinely useful and innovative ideas will result into a finished product or service for the future. One can submit their ideas at the site designed for this program. Enthusiasts can register at the site and hint the non-confidential information about your ideas or invention.
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