Nokia introduces the City Lens App with Sunshine and Freeze features

Nokia the pioneering tech firm has always been a powerful segment with the latest introductions in technology. The company has introduced the City Lens app which has two stunning features of Sunshine and Freeze on Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. 0 The Sunshine and Freeze features enables you to switch the lens to position the information about places which are close to your sight. This feature is accessible only in a particular area where Nokia has captured the versatile 3D data. When you are in a particular area supported by Nokia functionalities the filter signal will immediately emerge in the City Lens app. The Freeze feature functions when you aim and press the pause button to freeze your surroundings and locate the other available options. This update is flexible when you have the accessibility to view addresses by just tapping on the information on the display to gather information about a particular area. The apps offer interesting functions, where you can type out a place of interest on your home screen and locate the area, if you are the kind to explore new restaurants, you can type out a food title on your home screen which immediately delivers information on the restaurants which you selected. You can further dig into your preferred cuisine option. The Nokia City Lens functions on the LiveSight technology which is adopted from the ‘’highly accurate 3D map of the world.’’ The app provides a thrilling and unique experience rarely observed in other apps. If you crave for an exclusive and fun app you can download the Nokia Lens app from the Windows Phone Store. The Sunshine and Freeze app offers a completely different experience to locate places of interest around your area. This app would be great fun when you want to venture into the experiences of new restaurants with family and friends.
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