Nokia introduces here maps for Nokia Asha 501

Soon after launching the Nokia Asha 501 on the New Asha operating system, Nokia announced to introduce “HERE Maps” for the device. Nokia’s “HERE Maps” are meant to provide navigation services on a variety of devices like Cars, Smartphones etc. Till now this app was compatible with Android, Windows Phone 8, Firefox OS and mHTML5. With this launch, the app will also support the Nokia’s proprietary “Asha platform”. Nokia-Asha_HERE-MapsAs per Nokia, this is a Beta release meant to support mobiles without GPS. Using this app, users can search for places in around 200 countries and guide themselves to reach there by walking, using public transit or driving. The app also provides real time traffic updates in case you are driving. As of now the app only shows standard and traffic version of maps. Nokia promises to soon bring the public transit lines and satellite images to the maps. Nokia started the Asha series on S40 platform alongside the Lumia series in order to target the entry level smartphone buyers. With the launch of Nokia Asha 501 the company introduced a New Asha Platform and it is assumed that all the forthcoming Asha series mobiles will now run on the same platform. The company has plans to keep providing apps and updates to this OS as other OS like WP8 and Android gets. There’s no information as when the app will be out of the Beta. If you wish to try it now on your Nokia Asha 501, head to Nokia store to get it.

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