Nokia EOS Windows with Pureview Technology to arrive this year

Nokia is being speculated to come forward with a new device that  has got its name dubbed as EOS as the first Windows 8 Phone featuring a “Real” PureView Camera.


The EOS is a Codename for the device that is being expected to be under the Works of Nokia. Nokia EOS will feature the Camera Sensor alike the one used in the Nokia 808 PureView.

The 808 which had been showcased by the Finnish Company earlier at the Mobile world Congress 2012 packs a 41MP Rear Camera featuring superior zooming Capabilities along with a superb Low Light Performance.

The other feature of the Nokia 808 include a 4-inch AMOLED Display, 16GB On-board Storage and 1.3GHz Processor.

The speculations regarding the Nokia EOS Smartphone also includes an aluminium Exterior for the device instead of the traditionally used Polycarbonate.

The Nokia EOS Smartphone is expected to stand somewhere near the Top of the Company’s list of high-end Windows Phones. As per the anticipations, Nokia EOS Smartphone will mark its presence in the Smartphone Market later this year.

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