Nokia cuts Smartphone Prices. Loses Market share. Share prices drop.

It’s wartime for Nokia as the company is in the middle of heavy-duty smartphone battle and losing marketshare heavily. According to Gartner, Nokia’s marketshare in the smartphone category has fallen to 25.5% from 39% last year. The company is losing out to Android-based products in the market. To curb further decline in the marketshare, Nokia has announced price-cuts across range of smartphones. The high-end smartphones such as Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia E6 will see upto 15% price-cuts! Other models will also undergo small price-cuts. Nokia is also planning to price the upcoming smartphones very aggresively.

As the news about price-cuts broke out, share prices of Nokia plummeted by 2%.

The prices have not yet reflected in Indian stores. However, online retailers in western world have already discounted the prices. We expect the prices of Nokia phones to go down in the very near future. So, if you are planning to buy any Nokia handset, hold on to the thought for just a little bit more time.

Why Nokia is slashing the prices now? One obvious reason could be to liquidate the inventory of Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia E6. Another reason could be to eat into marketshare of competitors who are playing price wars. Whatever be the reason, when a company is taking price-cut as measure to counter the free-fall in the market, you can sense the danger signs. Feels bad to see Nokia – the yesteryear’s star of the mobile phone world – struggle.

Projected Prices after considering 15% discount

Model Best Price Before Discount Best Price after discount (15%)

Nokia N8



Nokia C7



Nokia E6



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