Nokia confirms to discontinue Ovi contacts website service

Nokia officially confirms to discontinue Ovi Contacts website from January 24, 2012. According to the company, users cannot access the website, but can continue to store contacts, sync and take a back up data normally. In other words, users will be able to use and back up contacts on Nokia phone but not on Ovi website. ovi_top So, users will have six weeks of time to take a back up or sync their contacts from the Ovi Contacts website. Also, if a user wish to save their contacts in any other alternative services like Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or Apple Address Book (Lion OS) by following the simple steps.

  • Visit from your personal computer or laptop.
  • Login to your Ovi account.
  • Click the green button below the message text.
  • contacts export
  • Save the file to your local drive (take a note of the folder you put it in).
  • Click on the file to review and access your data file
  • Your contact data is in .csv format.
  • Once you have selected an alternate contact service, follow their import instructions.
  • When you asked to select a file for import, select to your Ovi Contact data file.
  • For further information on this transition click here
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