Nokia and RIM losing. Samsung HTC and Apple gaining marketshare

IDC published a report on worldwide smartphone market for Year 2010 and for the last quarter of 2010. International Data corporation through their worldwide quarterly mobile phone tracker, gathers shipment data of smartphones. According to them, a total of 101 million smartphones were shipped during fourth quarter of 2010. During the fourth quarter of 2009, only 53.9 million smartphones were shipped. There’s a growth of 87.2% in smartphone shipment…Brilliant growth! For the entire year of 2010, 302.6 million smartphones were shipped worldwide. During 2009, 173.5 million smartphones were shipped. Android has been the major catalyst for this growth along with other new operating systems such as Symbian^3 and Windows 7. Android’s multi-vendor and open source strategy has resulted in increased availability of advanced handsets from major vendors such as HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. In the last quarter Nokia shipped 5 million handsets powered by Symbian^3 os such as Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01. Around 1.5 million handsets powered by Windows Phone 7 have been shipped. In 2010, Nokia secured the top spot with 33% marketshare while Research in Motion and Apple secured the second and third spot respectively. Nokia and RIM have been losing the market share when compared to 2009. Apple, Samsung, HTC have been gaining the marketshare. The biggest gainer has been Samsung which has literally doubled the market share. Samsung Galaxy S has been a big hit for Samsung. idc-smartphone-market-share-10 If we look at just the fourth quarter of 2010, Nokia has only 28% marketshare. Nokia has been losing marketshare at an alarming rate. Samsung, Apple, HTC has been steadily gaining marketshare. idc-smartphone-market-share-quarter-10 Year 2011 looks even more promising. The technology is evolving, costs are falling and we can witness smartphones are affordable prices. Via IDC Market report

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