Nokia adds real-time traffic update for Mumbai, Delhi users

Nokia adds new feature, in fact utility feature, to Symbian and Windows smartphones. The company adds real-time traffic updates to people who uses the Drive app in Mumbai and Delhi for finding smooth running routes, free of usual traffic jams in the two metros. traffic jam According to Nokia, the traffic jams of Mumbai and Delhi will be shown on their mobile screen as red colored street. The green routes in the Drive app mean smooth drive. Navteq Traffic Pro is powering the service by utilizing probes and signals from Drive users in finding the traffic condition of streets. Suppose in Road A traffic is moving slowly, the data from user will show slow speed to Nokia. The company then uses this data to inform other users that traffic is slow on Road A. iPhone and Android devices also offers maps and direction services, but in India the service is not much comprehensive. Moreover, the Google’s Navigation is also not supported in India, though it is similar to that of Nokia Drive. It also do not have real-time traffic updates or turn-by-turn voice navigation. However, Android and iPhone users can try a free app called Waze that uses data from users, similar to Nokia Drive, to pinpoint traffic jams to other users. About 100 million times everyday Nokia’s maps service is used, according to the company, and in India it covers 750 cities. Nokia said the Nokia Drive real-time traffic update will also be rolled out to other Indian cities. Do write your views in the below comment box about Nokia Drive or other similar services in India.

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