No change in the Tariff Plans before six months from the enrolment date: TRAI

TRAI_15 According to the TRAI’s circular, the Telecom operators will not be allowed to increase the subscriber plan tariff within the six months from the date the subscriber has enrolled. As stated in the Consumers’ Handbook on Telecommunication, any tariff plan chosen by the subscriber will remain the same for at least six months from the date of the enrollment to that plan and under no circumstance that could be changed by the service providers. Increase is not possible in the subscribers’ plan but the service operator has the provision to reduce the tariff rates before 6 months in case the situation demands so. Many customers complain of their tariff plans suddenly get changed without getting proper intimation and ultimately they land up in trouble. This new circular form TRAI definitely very user friendly and it gives much more freedom to the users to decide about their own tariff plans on the mobiles. The users are even free to change their tariff plan before the period of six months from the enrollment date ends and the service operators are bound to cater to the plan change requests of the users. All such requests are to be accepted and the implementation has to happen immediately or when the next billing starts. TRAI has also directed that the service operator must not provide any misleading information in their advertisements and must maintain the transparency to the users. All such advertisements must have the customer care number and the website of the service provider and the color, design and font size and design must be comfortable for the readers.
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