Nimbuzz Takes Cross Platform Messaging to Windows Handset

The well known cross-platform IM application program Nimbuzz is currently obtainable on the Windows Phone, and surprisingly at an affordable price. Nimbuzz has been in existence since the Windows Mobile days, and is accessible on a variety of platforms that comprises Java, Macintosh, iOS, Symbian, Android, Blackberry, personal computer in addition to Windows Phone. nimbuss-screens The application program permits you to make discussion with other users of the same app (Nimbuzz), plus pals on the social networking site Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger as well as WLM free of charge. Some type of Twitter addition is also baked into the application program. Ahead of text-based IM, you can also make video as well as voice calls free of charge to other Nimbuzz users, share pics, check your chitchat record, make use of their well-known chat mates, contact and presence management, message typing pointer, N-world, free embodiments and much more. What is the judgment of the initial release of the Windows Phone application program? Users note in Marketplace follow-ups that, whilst the application program is adequately made, they have been going through a bit of lag when making use of the app. Bugs aside – they will definitely be solved shortly in future incremental issues, though, if you have lots of pals on Nimbuzz or just want a good, well-made IM application program, this is worth a look.

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