Nimbuzz relocates global HQ to India, hires Indian staff

Dutch based instant chat messaging and calling application Nimbuzz has chosen India to relocate its global headquarters. India with its 90 million users gives them one fifth of their total market. This news was first reported by Economic Times. Relocating to India would mean appointing Indian staff to look after its operations. As a result of which many top executives from Aircel  and Reliance are seen moving to Nimbuzz. The appointment of Vikas Saxena, who was a former top executive at Aircel, as the CEO of Nimbuzz India operations is one such move. Saxena has replace co-founder of Nimbuzz Evert Jaap Lugt, who will now be the company’s chairman. India provides huge market to Nimbuzz and owing to its popularity it is setting up its global office here. “India offers a breadth of socio-economic variety. The adaptability (to new products) is high and the success rate of a product can be determined here. India being a large market allows testing and experimentation of new products that can be rolled out in other global markets including US and Europe within a month or two,” Saxena, CEO, Nimbuzz(India operations) said. This social networking chat app will test its new products in India before launching them globally. Also deals with Indian Telecom giants is on the cards for them. Moving of Nimbuzz to India marks a landmark in the growing Indian Economy. It won’t be long when Facebook and Twitter will wake up to the growing Indian prowess.
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