Nikon D7100 Camera Preview

Nikon D7000 is the start of a new model line from Nikon. Though this new line shares much of the D7000 line, it has a lot of improvements. The major changes include a new, higher-resolution image sensor and 24.1 megapixel resolution. Nikon D7100 Now Available at Adorama The Nikon D7000 is also paired with an EXPEED 3 image processor, which debuted in the pro-oriented Nikon D4. There is also a new autofocus system, a larger LCD display with extra brightness, a new OLED display inside the optical viewfinder, and a new improved movie capture feature set with stereo internal mic, headphone jack as well as support for 1080p30 and 720p60 recording. The Nikon D7100 has a very good and durable built quality with magnesium-alloy panels top and rear, while the front, bottom, and sides are crafted from polycarbonate plastic. Its body width and height have increased a bit but its weight has reduced. While the handgrip has been revamped, the basic layout is otherwise unchanged. The camera also consists of newly-located microphone, which is stereo. The mode dial now also has a center lock release button, also like the D600. There are more controls on the rear of the camera now. It has got the configurable i-button added at the bottom of the button stack that lines the left side of the LCD panel. The Quality / Zoom In and ISO / Zoom Out buttons have also interchanged places with each other. The new line also includes a Multi-selector beneath which is a Live View button surrounded by a Still / Movie lever, as seen in the D600 and D800. Finally, the rear-panel infrared remote receiver sits between Multi-selector and Live View button. Also, the Nikon D7100 body has two connector compartment covers have been supplemented by a third. Conclusion The Nikon D7100 will be available from March 2013 and will come with a price tag of US$1,600, as that is the price you will have to shell out from your pocket to bag this premium digital camera.

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