Nikon D4 The Compact and Sophisticated Camera

The Nikon D4 has the design of a perfect professional camera with an extremely large dimensioned zoom lens in front. The camera resembles any compact camera with the zoom lens being the charming factor. The Nikon D4 belongs to the powerful segment of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. This camera is ideal for videography. Nikon-D4-vs-D3s-size-comparison The Nikon D4 appears to have many features inserted into a compact piece; the camera is actually larger than many of its DSLR counterparts. The design has been adopted from D4. The interesting point to note is the easy handling, where one can shoot portraits without a strain. The thumb controllers are an intricate part of the camera which directs the user while capturing in profile or landscape mode. Nikon D4 has an amazing 3.2-inch screen at the back to get the perfect clarity for reviewing images. The resolution offered is magnificent at 921,000 dots to offer supreme visibility. The rear is inserted with buttons that are well channelized which enables a person to tweak settings with ease. The quality elements to notice is the new mode of storage, referred to as XQD, but with CF cards being marketed for many years, many users would opt for CF and not take risks of opting for a new medium. Since DSLR cameras of Nikon have always gathered positive responses, opting for the new storage version of XQD would be worth the try. The camera offers a range of exciting connectivity options with a full-sized Ethernet port, an HDMI port that has the remarkable ability to compress uncompressed data, mini USB port, Headphone Connector and stereo microphone input. There are also numerous options to connect the camera to Wi-Fi by simply connecting the WT-5A Wi-Fi adaptor to the Ethernet port, besides being able to connect the camera to Wi-Fi without many hurdles, you can also connect the camera with PC, Mac or iOS device. Moreover there is one interesting aspect that would excite those who are keen on purchase, the external body of D4 is shielded in magnesium alloy that can be employed effectively outdoors during all weather periods, this pattern is unavailable in most cameras. Summarising the positives of the camera: The Nikon D4 has all the attributes of flexible handling, with thumb controllers which assists the user to shoot in portrait or landscape mode. The camera has an excellent resolution of 921,000 dots. There are buttons in the rear which enables the user to crop settings with optimum ease. There is a new medium for storage inserted called the XQD. The camera offers efficient handling while transferring the images to the internet by just connecting the WT-5A Wi-Fi adaptor to the Ethernet port and one can also connect the camera with PC, Mac or iOS device. The most note-worthy aspect to notice is the magnesium alloy covering that offers protection in all weather conditions. The Nikon D4 is an excellent option for those who yearn for a career in photography, the only obstacle is the price at Rs. 3,10,000, but with the weather protection covering, the camera could probably last for long durations, hence a steep payment at first shot could probably be on the brighter angle.

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