Nike+ Running app now in Android

027e8__nike_plus_running_android_1-580x478Nike+ Running app has finally reached the end line of the Android market and now you can easily download it on your Smartphone from the Google Play Store. Nike+ Running app will extend the functionality of your exercise monitoring app and it will now keep a close eye on your work out session and help you to attain your goals. Nike+ Running app has came with a “Mid run Audio Feedback” feature which will let you know about your current performance while you are still running. There is also a “Powersong” feature which will give you a boost up when you are feeling down. Nike+ Running app is a high-tech software which will monitor your running session very closely and will then show the assessment in form of graphs and bar charts. It will compare your last 7 running session and help you to know about your progress. You will also be shown your speed and distance statistics for your reference. You can also access live GPS map on your running session. You can look for new paths to run through the GPS map. You can also share your live running experience with your friends on Facebook or NikePlus. In order to make your running session interesting, Nike+ Running app offers you a “Next Moves” feature. This feature challenges the user on the home screen like to beat the previous best record or to cross the first 10 kms quickly. This app also fetch you the current weather conditions and help you to decide your track. At present, Nike is offering this app for free. So do make a decision quickly.
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