Nexus 5 and Motorola X Phone could be one stunning device

Tech buffs would be familiar with the rumour of collaboration between Google and Motorola called the Motorola X phone or Google X phone. There have been debates on whether the combination of Google and Motorola will be the future Nexus device and there have been reports that it might be true and some reports have stated that the Nexus 5 might be a totally different device. Google has announced about its partnership with Motorola claiming that the firm is as powerful as Samsung and HTC. LG Nexus 5 There have been concerns among popular smartphone manufacturers about the attainment of Motorola by Google because there have been concerns that Motorola may be preferred as a partner in terms of a new Nexus device. Moreover Google is hell bent on announcing that all manufacturers have a fair share of doubts. Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google vice president of engineering at Android, was clear on the topic that Motorola is considered with same status as other partners by saying, “It’s almost as if they are a separate entity,” even adding that a  bridge existed between the Nexus side of the business and Motorola. When asked about the possibility of Motorola working on a Nexus device again, Lockheimer went on to say that Google treats all of its partners equally, adding, “Motorola we consider a partner just like HTC and Samsung.” The statement above is not an indication of the introduction of the next Nexus device from Motorola, which does not omit the fact that Samsung is a strong player along with LG, Asus which participated in Nexus products last year. The other partners of Google will face pressure over the rumour of Motorola X phone, there is a chance of the Motorola X phone being in queue for the next line of Nexus devices. For those who want to explore the details, there are articles published on specs claim that describes the possibility of a new OS with a concept design. There is a possibility for the Nexus 5 phone to launch at the same period with Motorola or Google X phone.

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