New Toshiba camera module a glance

Toshiba Corp has introduced a camera module that has the amazing ability to refocus any segment of a photograph that you have captured. According to report by the Asahi Shimbun, the module is extremely miniscule and can find a neat spot in smartphones and tablets. The current trend of camera functions when user focuses on the image and then release the shutter. Although this technology enables the user to modify images post capturing through imaging software, the technology in the new camera overpowers even the current advanced technologies. New Toshiba camera module This camera is a representation of powerful fitments in a miniature device, the cube-structured camera is only 1cm square in dimension and contains a significant number of 500,000 lenses. Each of these lenses has a super tiny dimension of 0.03 millimeter. The interesting information to gather about this camera is the mechanism similar to compound eye-structure in insects. Every lens in the camera captures slightly different images and the camera churns out a large complete picture with the aid of an original software to merge 500,000 tiny images. The report also signifies that the camera can measure the distance to an object depending on the distinction between the small images which is similar to the function of cameras inserted with two lenses to roll out 3D images. The camera can focus on objects by enlarging and merging only visible and superior portions of the images. ‘’These cameras can actually create images focuses on every single ingredient of the image, far different from traditional camera,’’ as stated by information from reports. The report also mentions that’’ it is viable to record videos through this module and the image can be retained without replacing the background.’’ There have been creations of powerful cameras, the Lytro introduced in June, has the startling and efficient ability to refocus on an image after it has been captured. This camera captures light data from different available angles fitted with microlens array which is a special sensor that fits many lenses in a compact space. When the image is transferred to a computer screen, the advanced software actually enables users to locate a point of focus. The new Lytro and Toshiba camera are the products that would transform technology to a new level.

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