The new Moto G camera review: better than before, but can’t match the competition

“Taking a look at the 2nd-gen Moto G’s shooting prowess”

Comebacks are always hard to make, but Motorola has proved otherwise with its trio of Moto G, Moto X (review) and Moto E (review) smartphones. The brand’s successful re-entry in the Indian market began with the Moto G (review | FAQs) launched in February, which redefined the term ‘value for money’. The smartphone was an all-rounder in most aspects, barring its camera. Well, the brand seems to have fixed this issue with the launch of second-gen Moto G (first impressions | FAQs). The new offering sports an 8-megapixel camera at the back, instead of the 5MP shooter on the original. For assisting in low-light conditions, the device also gets an LED flash.

So, does the new Moto G delight us with its camera performance, especially against the cut-throat competition in its segment? Read on for our Moto G (2nd gen) camera review.

Long shot

The new Moto G (2nd gen) camera samples - long shot

In the landscape shot captured above with the new Moto G, we can see that the 8-megapixel snapper does a good job of capturing all the details with accurate colours. However, when you view the image in full resolution, the edges of different subjects aren’t sharp enough.

Close up

The new Moto G (2nd gen) camera review - close up shot

The close-up shot is impressive, with everything easily visible and the colours also looking natural.

Close up (zoomed in)

The new Moto G (2nd gen) camera review - close up shot (zoomed in)

When we zoomed in on the same shot taken with the new Moto G, we can see that the details aren’t lost and we can make out the veins of both the flower and leaves. Even the stamens are visible clearly.

HDR off

The new Moto G (2nd gen) camera performance review - HDR off

This is a pretty good shot to view the HDR abilities of the second-gen Moto G, considering it captures the sky and a number of different elements.

HDR on

The new Moto G (2nd gen) camera performance review - HDR on

Turning on the HDR mode, it seems that the whole scene is revived and looks extremely pleasing on the eyes, thanks to the better contrast.

Front camera

The new Moto G (2nd gen) camera quality test- front camera shot

Not only the main shooter, but the front-facing sensor has also been upgraded in the new Moto G. The 2-megapixel secondary camera of the Moto G is good for capturing self-shots or conducting video calls.

Low light

The new Moto G (2nd gen) camera test - low light shot

Like most smartphones, the new Moto G’s camera struggles in poorly-lit conditions. In the shot embedded above, you can see the subject, but it’s almost impossible to make out details and colours. There’s significant amount of noise in the image as well.

Low light with flash

The new Moto G (2nd gen) camera test - low light shot with flash

With flash, the image looks a lot better – even though its grainy, as you can easily see the different objects and colours.

In essence, it’s clear that the new Moto G is much better than its previous iteration in terms of shooting abilities. Although the results leave us wanting for more, it’s good for daily usage and sharing on social spheres. However, the Moto G’s competition isn’t limited to just its predecessor, and there are devices like the ASUS Zenfone 5 (camera review), Micromax Canvas Nitro (first impressions), Xiaomi Mi 3 (camera review), etc. which boast better imaging abilities.

Keep a watch out if you want to know more about the smartphone, as our in-depth review of the new Moto G will be out soon.

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