New iPhone apps worth downloading: iCoolhunt, Hotschedules update, Dungeon Plunder

Be up to date with the latest trends, with iCoolhunt. This app works as both a social network and a game in which you can discover new trends, comment, rate and share them with friends and family. iCoolhunt Next, to ease up and methodize the work scenario, is Hotschedules, using which you can manage your schedules, with your co-workers and employees. iCoolhunt is free for download and is a cool new app which is a sharing app. Share photos that you have snapped with friends, and let them decide how good they are. You can vote these pictures and those with the highest votes and ratings get badges and a stamp of ‘cool’. Check out this app and stay connected to see what everyone is up to and what is in at the moment. Those who love to splash pictures across social networking sites will love this app, since you can do just that. This app is a lot like Trendabl and TrendArY. These apps all basically centre on setting trends with people you know. Another neat new app is the Hotschedules update which comes for free. This is a business app which packs in utility in a smooth and easy-to-use way. This app is especially suited for corporate or even a small unit of employees where schedules and sharing tasks is the everyday work norm. To keep everyone ahead of their tasks, and for a one stop integrated way to communicate the daily, weekly or monthly schedule, use Hotschedules. Switch shifts, redistribute work, and add in more schedules for the day or month using this app. For employees on a time constraint, who have to get the job done to keep the network going, get this app for easy management and to meet targets. The update comes with better features and works without problems.

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