New iPhone apps: Sooligan, Pocket and Angry Birds Star Wars updates

iPhone Apps are getting more unique and innovative. Here are some apps that are useful, fun and are worth the space they occupy. New iPhone apps Sooligan Sooligan, is a free app, and is more than your regular social networking app. This app gives you information about a place and certain specifics of the people who live around the area. Alternatively, you can post information about your hometown and the people inhabiting it, for others to refer to and be guided by. This app is a sort of travel guide, and informative forum. The information found on this relating to a place includes fun information like about what restaurants are doing well, movies, local events, etc. You can post information about practically anything that has anything to do with your area of living. This gives travelers an idea of what to expect and how to spend their time in a worthwhile manner. Angry Birds Star Wars will cost however, this app by Rovio Mobile brings you more levels into the Star Wars meets Angry Birds game, and interestingly takes the story of the original trilogy to develop it into the middle of The Empire Strikes Back. With the latest update 20 new levels are added in a pack called the “Escape from Hoth,” which is situated in the asteroid field found in Empire. However there you found caves, which is absent here. What you will get are new obstacles and better birds. This is a truly exciting game, and is extremely fun and a must try. This game is different from Angry Birds Space which is more or less on the same lines, but it does vary to a great extent to. The effects are different and overall it does not feel repetitive. Or you could simply, stick to the favorite, Angry Birds!

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