New Android & iPhone apps: Snapseed, Vector & update

Snapseed Snapseed is an Android app which enables the user to edit photos with filters and effects. The app is very easy to use, allowing users to not only edit and crop images, but also add some creativity to the photos by using various filters and colour schemes. This app also has a single-tap Auto Correct feature which can be used for fixing photos. Certain areas of a photo can also be adjusted using this app. When the changes are done, the user can save the images as JPGs or TIFFs and share them through Google + support, email and other social networks. Snapseed is not only a fun app, but can also be used by serious photographers who want to improve the quality of the images on their smartphones. This app can be downloaded for free and is definitely worth trying. Vector: Vector is a game for fans of Parkour and running titles. The players can do more than 100 Parkour-inspired moves in the game in order to earn more points.The main theme of the game is to stay ahead of the people pursuing you and also pull out a variety of moves. Parkour is a side-scrolling running game and it boasts of impressive animations.  The game has you free-running through office buildings, rooftops,avoiding obstacles along the way and trying to stay ahead of your pursuers. The players can execute a wide range of moves to earn points through each level of the game. The moves can be pulled off easily and that makes the game quite easy to play. Vector can be downloaded for free and is recommended mainly because of the simplicity of the game. update: This app allows iOS users to buy all their baby supplies with the help of an Internet connection. covers all the baby’s needs such as diapers, toys, nursing supplies, etc. The app allows users to access the site and search for baby products, track their orders, check their account and past purchases. The new update provides users with product videos which makes the shopping experience even better. This update can be downloaded for free.
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