New Android apps: Optia, WeVideo beta, Sela the Space Pirate

Optia Android App


We often have a lot of queries whenever we purchase a new smartphone. We also face a lot operational difficulties while using these smartphones in the initial stages. The Optia app helps in solving these problems faced by users by enabling them to share their screens with other users, thereby allowing them to get one-on-one help with issues. The features of this app are similar to the screen-sharing features on a computer. Optia allows the user to share his screen with another user and can also highlight portions of the screen so that the other person can see the problem area in real time. The app also supports chat facility. This app proves to be very useful for all those people who need help while operating smartphones. You can also share your knowledge and help others solve technical issues related to smartphones by downloading this app. Optia can be downloaded for free and will soon be coming out with additional features such as step-by-step instruction facilities. WeVideo beta WeVideo app enables users to edit videos on their smartphones and upload them on various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  This app turns your smartphone into a video camera and editing suite and although it is still in the beta stage, it still has many interesting features. The editing features on this app include adding images, music and clips from other videos to the final product. Apart from allowing users to upload videos on social media sites, the users can also take advantage of WeVideo’s cloud storage. WeVideo beta can be downloaded for free. Sela the Space Pirate Remember the old-school arcade shooter games? A lot of us have grown up playing such games in the 90s. Sela the Space Pirate will surely bring back some memories as it is similar to a lot of old school space arcade games we played in the past. In the game, the players have to take down the evil parasitic aliens in each level and also collect additional weapons and ship upgrades along the way. There are around 30 levels in the game and it gets tougher as we progress from level to level. Sela can be downloaded for free.

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