Need For Speed: Most Wanted now on Android

nfs Now a good news for all Android users as EA has announced to release Need For Speed: Most Wanted on Android by October 30. You can now experience the charm of NFS with stylish cars, fascinating graphics and an interesting plot on your Android Smartphone. EA is all set to launch Need For Speed: Most Wanted on all the major gaming platform. So, you will soon find this game on Xbox, PS3, PS Vita, iOS and Android (of course). This privilege will even be provided to the mobile users (so they won’t be devoid of it). Lots have been expected from its graphics. Gamers are getting excited about it from now only.  In order to glimpse the class of NFS: Most Wanted, EA has released the official trailers. You can check them out to get the feel of this cool game. The price of this game is yet to be disclosed. Need For Speed: Most wanted will open a world full of action to you with classic graphics and a racing arena where you can drive without any rules. The music of this latest edition of NFS is so thrilling that it is going to rule your heart. Make sure that this time you got to face some tough law enforcement in the game. The platform is all set and people are just waiting for the day of release. Moving forward, EA has also announced to release their most popular FIFA 13 soon. This is certainly good news to cheer for the gamers. Do check it out nicely.
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