Navigate using house address with the latest MapMyIndia iOS app

Simplifying navigation, MapMyIndia has announced the launch of its latest iOS application that allows users to navigate to any place in India using the house or street address. The application utilizes the MapMyIndia maps, which by far are the most detailed and accurate maps for India. The app is completely free for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 4.3 and above.

MapMyIndia 1MapMyIndia 2MapMyIndia 3

The USP of the app is that the exact address of a place, be it a house, business location, etc. can be entered in the app and it will be able to provide the directions for the same.

The application has a very small installation of 2 MB and requires an active internet connection to navigate. It has a very simple to use interface and users can also view the maps, get step by step directions to any place and find places near one’s current location through the application. The application is also available for other mobile platforms- Android and Windows Phone, though the search by house address functionality has been made available on iOS. We can expect this feature to come on other platforms soon.

The updated app is available for iOS (compatible with iOS 4.3 and above) as a free download.

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