National roaming charges going cheaper from July 2013 in India

Roaming charges in India are getting cheaper from July 2013. Mobile phone users who travel a lot and make a lot of calls can be happy because they will have to pay less on the calls and SMS while using roaming network. However, TRAI has disappointed the mobile phone users in other way because national roaming was expected to go free from past 1 years in the country.

TRAI The telecom regulator in India has asked all the Telecom Operators to reduce calls charges by up-to 57 percent. According to the new rules set by the TRAI, mobile phone users now just have to pay 75 paise per minute on incoming calls while roaming instead of Rs. 1.75. SMS charges are also dropped and you just have to pay Rs. 1.50 while sending a message on roaming. Previously mobile phone users had to pay Rs. 3.50 to send a message while using roaming networks. And the incoming messages will remain free. Telecom authority in India has also advised the Telecom operators in the country to offer special packages for roaming users in Telecom zones. Country is currently divided into 22 different zones and the phone users have to pay extra charges while calling using networks of different zone than their home area. Previously TRAI was planning to come with a fully free national roaming plan but now it says that it is not practically possible in the current scenario because telecom operators will not be able to cover their costs.

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