MyNetFone Launches VoIP App For iPhone/ iPod/ iPad

MyNetFone has launched its VoIP service for iPhone, iPod and iPad. The MyNetFone Mobile VoIP App is free to download and allows users to make and receive MyNetFone VoIP phone calls over your 3G or Wifi connection. The VoIP app for iPhone/ iPod/ iPad is an SIP client that works on all models of Apple’s smartphones. The application also supports VoIP tunnel technology and can work from blocked areas or from behind firewalls for both incoming and outgoing calls. mnf_iphone_app The application allows making and receiving SIP calls, and features integrated contacts from the phone, loudspeaker, redial, destination/rate information, favourites, Time, and call status and last calls logs. Additionally, the Conversation Recording feature allows users to record all or part of their phone conversation and play back later. The company has also said that it will soon launch its VoIP service for Android and Aymbian too.

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