Music Video shot using an Apple iPad 2

Few months back we are evidence for a Magazine cover shoot with Cellphone – Nokia N8. Now, we are here some more interesting stuff where a music video is wholly shot with only an recently launched Apple iPad 2. ipad2-music-video Steve Jobs and his team showcased the magical features with iPad 2 during the keynote addressing and launch event. Apps like Garage Band helps you in making a best background score for music and also video made very easy using this iPad 2. However, there no such happenings identified in this video shoot. Coming back to this video shoot, this is an impressive Indie music video filmed by Remedy Films and this 5 minute video song recorded using four iPad 2s. The Song Need by Eddy shows it is very much possible to shoot with smart gizmo. According to Chase Andrews of Remedy Films, the music video required about 25 hours of work. The crew treated the iPads as professional cameras and they spent five hours filming and almost 12 hours editing.  They are positioned like this, One by attaching to a steadicam rig, one to a Cineslider and the other one to a handheld rig. The fourth and final iPad was held by the singer herself and makes its cameo appearance in a few parts of the video. Is that so easy to get an Apple iPad 2 ???? The group waited in line eight hours to purchase the iPads. It’s more than the filming time !!!

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