Mumbai Police slaps ban on Bulk SMS for World cup cricket final

The Cricket World cup 2011 is coming to a grand finale on April 2nd and is happening in Mumbai. The entire nation is praying for India to win the world cup. Amidst this frenzy atmosphere, there is also fears of terrorist attacks or any other anti-social happening. Mumbai police is on high alert. images Not willing to take any risks, they have banned all Bulk SMS to mumbai numbers till the end of April 2, 2011. Also the government has request the residents of Mumbai to be at home while the match happens. So, businesses relying on bulk SMS such as banks, courier companies, ticketing companies, movie theatres etc have to temporarily rely on other means of communication. In addition the above security measures, government has taken additional steps such as * South Mumbai has been declared no-flying zone. Since presidents of both countries would be witnessing this match live in the stadium, the security measures are taken very seriously. * It’s a holiday in Mumbai and suburbs on saturday. * Mumbai Police will be promptly aided by Indian Coastal guard, Maharashtra police, National Security Guard, Central Industrial Security Force, Force One, Quick Response Team, State Reserve police force, Central Reserve police force. * A special helpline number 9146009090 has been setup for people to report anonymously about any suspicious activities that are observed. * Mobile phones, Medicines, Caps will be permitted. Cameras, water bottles, food items are strictly PROHIBITED. * Public has been advised to use public transport for transporting to and fro from the stadium as much as possible.

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