Mujjo touchscreen leather gloves now in India

Have you ever heard about Mujjo? Ok, let’s break the suspense, Mujjo; a Dutch mobile accessories brand has recently released new pure leather touchscreen sensitive gloves for mobile phones. We have seen many manufacturers who have released touch screen gloves but none have tried one with pure leather. Mujjo touchscreen leather gloves are currently available in India and can be ordered directly from the Mujjo’s online store and one can buy them for Rs 9300. Do you think this as a needed accessory one should opt for? Let’s find out why Mujjo has to offer one for buyers.

Mujjo Touchscreen Leather gloves
Mujjo leather gloves will play an important role for the user especially during cold weather while still operating their capacitive touch screen devices which are aplenty these days as many are easily offering to buy one. The leather gloves have been developed using nanotechnology that allows conductive signals that help users to operate a touchscreen. The specialty of these gloves as the regular leather gloves doesn’t do the trick with touchscreen mobile phones and can work flawlessly with almost every touchscreen enabled by revolutionary nanotechnology.
Mujjo Touchscreen Leather gloves
The Capacitive touchscreen easily work on the same principal by passing electricity as our skin is a good conductor of electricity and every time we touch the screen with our bare hands a small electrical charge is sent to the area where it is touched. This electrical charge allows and gives a sense to the device to perform an action when it is touched. The Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves are manufactured with Ethiopian lambskin leather that offers excellent thermal insulation, while at the same time it can pass electrical charge. To make it an all weather fit for the hands, the company has been manufactured the touchscreen leather gloves with water and dust resistant, and also offers anti-microbial properties too.
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