Mujjo introduces leather gloves for capacitive touchscreen devices

Mujjo, a renowned Dutch mobile accessories brand, has come up with touchscreen sensitive gloves for smartphones and tablets. With this it becomes the first company to make the gloves in pure leather. Earlier, several other brands too came in the market but none were purely leather made. leather-touchscreen-gloves-by-mujjo-2 The new leather touchscreen sensitive gloves will no more force users to use touchscreen with bare fingers, which are painful in cold weather. The gloves are made out of nanotechnology, allowing conductive signals to help users work efficiently on touchscreens. One must know that capacitive touchscreens operate on the principle of electrical conductivity. As our skin is a good conductor of electricity, it sends small electrical charge each time we touch the screen with our bare fingers. As an aftermath, this electric charge makes the capacitive touchscreen to become sensitive to the touch, and it activates the device. These gloves are made out of Ethiopian lamb skin leather, which serves as excellent thermal insulation and also conducts electrical impulses. More to these, it also has anti-microbial properties. It is dust and water resistant too. These gloves are available in the Indian market for Rs 9,300. You can buy it online from the online store of Mujjo. So, no more going gloves-less this winter to use your smartphone or tablet efficiently. Below is the official link of Mujjo’s online store from where you can buy the glove: Mujjo Online Store

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