MTS to continue operation beyond January 18

CMDA Mobile service provider of Sistema Shyam TeleServices LTD (SSTL), the MTS India, to continue its operation even after January 18, the benchmark date given by Supreme Court to exit Indian telecom market, apart from Rajasthan, due to license cancellation. MTS-India MTS has about 16 million customers in India and seems to be very firm in continuing its services even after the expiry date of January 18, 2013, having no intention to leave the market. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) ordered MTS on December 17, 2012 to alert its subscribers about the winding up of its operations in the mentioned circles from January 18, 2013. MTS has responded differently by informing its customers of being fully committed in serving and has no intention of exiting the market post January 18, 2012. The company says its curative petition is pending in the Apex Court and judgement is still awaited. Here’s the SMS that was sent from MTS to its customers: “MTS wishes to inform millions of its customers that being fully committed to its customers and the investments it has made in India, it intends to continue its operations beyond January 18, 2013.” MTS website also writes the same. It says the company has been taking all possible steps to continue its operations. MTS is confident of a favourable order because it feels of possessing a very good case in the Curative Petition, both in facts as well as in law. Of late, Sistema has sought from the government a settlement to resolve the problem or it will seek billions of dollars as compensation.

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