MTNL launches Teracom Lofty Tablets starting Rs 3999

We have seen BSNL partnering with Pantel to bring data subsidized tablets to the masses. While this partnership was a good try from BSNL to compete with private players, Pantel (a company then unknown to masses) also took it as a chance to mark an entry in to the ‘Aakash Tablet’ obsessed market. Unfortunately this affordable combo was not available to the consumers of Metro cities as we have MTNL instead of BSNL in the Metros. Not to worry, this time MTNL brings you a range of Tablets, dubbed as Lofty series, in partnership with Teracom. “In partnership with MTNL, we are launching three models of ‘Lofty’ tablet with high-end model priced at Rs. 10,999 and entry level model is for Rs. 3,999” says Mr. Mukesh Arora, Chairman and Managing Director, Teracom, to reporters. (Quoted via HT) The Lofty series has 3 models. The entry level model TZ300 is a Wi-Fi + resistive touchscreen tablet priced at Rs 3999, then comes the TZ200 which is Wi-Fi + capacitive touchscreen tablet priced at Rs 6,499 and the highest end model of the series is TZ100 which is a 3G + capacitive touchscreen tablet priced at Rs 10,999. The high end model, TZ100 has a built in 3G sim slot which can also be used to make calls. teracom-lofty As a data subsidy, MTNL is providing 10GB of free 3G usage to all the customers buying Lofty tablets. These data can be used up to 2 months from buying the tablet. All 3 tablets come with Android 4.0 onboard, 3D Gravity sensor and optional educational contents. Model TZ200 and TZ100 also includes HDMI support in their specifications. I won’t say these tablets are aptly priced since there are other options in the market selling at better prices. However, MTNL offers a competitive pricing scheme for its 3G data plans plus you are getting free usage as well. Both these goodies compensate the price up to some extent. You can  go for them, if you live in a metro and have a heavy data usage.

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