MTNL Delhi announces new tariff rates

MTNL-LOGO-bigThe premier Dolphin CDMA service by Mahanagar Sanchar Nigam Limited have gone through changes in tariff rates. The new tariff will be applicable on the MTNL CDMA users in Delhi circle. These rates will be effective from 1st of July, 2012. Apart from changes in tariff, MTNL Delhi has announced some convenient development for Dolphin CDMA users. Now, a postpaid MTNL user does not need to pay any fee on shifting to prepaid MTNL plan. The CRM updation of friends and family numbers has now been restricted to once per month. Let’s check out the updation in new tariff plan: Prepaid Plan
  • The call rates of 3G Jadoo pay per minute One network calling scheme has been incremented from 20 p /min to 30 p/ min.
  • MTNL Delhi has now closed down its Monthly plan 185 forever. No one can access it now.
Postpaid Plan
  • The call rates of Super Value One Network calling plan has been incremented from 20 p /min to 30 p/ min.
  • The call rates for one network calling Super Freedom plan has been incremented from 20 p /min to 30 p/ min and to other networks it is increased from 40 p/ min to 50 p/min.
The local SMS charge has also seen a hike of 25 p. MTNL Delhi will now charge 50 p per SMS in all the postpaid and prepaid schemes. MTNL Delhi has further announced that this new tariff will not be applicable on the existing customers for first 6 months and the new users will get a discount of 50% on this tariff plan for 6 months. Source:
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