Mozilla Seabird – Cool Concept Phone

As part of Mozilla Labs, the concept series is a really cool initiative by Mozilla Foundation. The initiative is an open forum which encourages community to share ideas, expertise and vision and the community evolves it. In short, it’s a platform for community-powered ideas. As the mobile CPU, hardware specifications and capabilities are nearing that of Desktop computers and in future might even go beyond the desktop, it’s interesting to see what can a mobile phone look like or what can it do? With the engineering limitations taken away and only limited by human imagination, this phone is designed by community. Seabird is powered by Android Operating System. Remember this is only a concept phone. But we love the design and the features. We are sure you would love this too… seabird_1 seabird_2 seabird_3 seabird_4 seabird_5 Key Features of Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone:

  • 8 MP Camera
  • Dual Pico Projectors on the side – 45 Lumens @ 960×600 resolution
  • Embedded Bluetooth Dongle (side)
  • 3.5 mm Audio Jack (side)
  • Wireless Charging
  • Mini – USB (at the bottom)
  • Dock
  • Infrared touchpad and keyboard (virtual projection)
Key specifications of Bluetooth/IR Dongle
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • 1:1 Infrared Tracking
  • Haptic Clicking
  • Pan & Zoom in 3D Space (acting as a mouse in the virtual space)
Mozilla Seabird Concept Video Concept video in 3D
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