Mozilla’s Rs 1,500 Firefox OS smartphone coming soon to India

The company has partnered with chipmaker Spreadtrum and brands like Spice and Intex to offer these new devices”


The Firefox OS-based handset has been in the news for being the cheapest smartphone, being offered at just $25 or Rs 1,500. This device will soon be making its way to customers in India as well, and while the company has not disclosed the official price, its price is expected to hover around the international pricing.

Mozilla has tied up with China-based chipmaker Spreadtrum, that specialises in making low-cost chips enabling affordable mobile devices. In addition to that, Firefox has also tied up with device makers such as Spice and Intex for bringing the devices to customers throughout the country, using their existing sales and service networks.

The Firefox OS is built for utility and performance that users seek for their smartphones and Mozilla is working its way towards offering a seamless experience with its new iteration.


The sample devices are likely to be showcased tomorrow at the Mobile Asia Expo taking place in Shanghai from June 11th to 13th. It is likely that both device makers will showcase their versions of the low-cost smartphone during the expo and also announce the prices for the same as well.

With this move, the company aims at offering a smartphone powered with Firefox OS for as low as $25 or Rs 1,500 approximately – a price at which we only get basic phones currently. It would be exciting to see what the company is planning to offer at such a low cost, and the pricing would remain critical to the deal, as Android devices have already been selling in the Indian market priced as low as Rs 3,500.

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