Motorola XOOM Tablet user guide leaked!

Motorola Xoom is the world’s first Android honeycomb tablet to be announced and to hit the market. Verizon wireless has secured the exclusive contract for Motorola Xoom in US. The gossip is that Motorola XOOM would be available for $599 on verizon for a 2 year contract. The announced retail price for XOOM without any contract is $799. Motorola XOOM also recently announced 2 new versions called Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi only and Motorola XOOM CDMA. Traditionally the wi-fi only version would be cheaper and are targetted for people who are looking at tablets as a non-communication-but-browsing-and-experience device. motorola-xoom-official There was some bruhaha about XOOM’s leaked user guide yesterday at – a blog dedicated to android devices. Apparently they got hold of the user guide and has published a link to download the same. We downloaded the manual and found that the user manual is part honeycomb user manual and part hardware manual. You can download the manual if you are curious to see the software aspects of honeycomb tablet. Motorola has placed a link called But the link seems to be inactive right now. Expect the link to go active in few days time. Download link: Motorola Xoom user guide pdf Via Droid-life
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