Motorola rolling out ICS 4.0 update for Motorola Razr XT910

Hello guys if you own a Moto Razr XT910 then it’s time for you to be happy because International Motorola Razr model XT910 is getting ICS 4.0 update soon. According to a post on GSM Arena this update is ready for users of Motorola Razr HSPA based phone. Mainly it was posted on Motorola’s Europe FB page. Motorola said that ICS update for this phone will be available soon for users in UK and Scandinavia. This post doesn’t really specify when this update of ICS will be ready for other countries in Europe.

Motorola Update

Motorola just confirmed that users in these regions will receive update in over the coming weeks and that doesn’t specify the exact date. If you want to check this update is ready for your phone or not then just go to your phone’s setting option and hit software update. If your phone will be ready to receive the update it will show you the update is ready otherwise you will have to wait a little more until Motorola reaches to your phone. Motorola Razr XT910 users in India and in most of the Asian countries received this update a month ago and now its available in UK and other areas. It is reported that T-Mobile wanted to go for a custom ROM for this update but Google didn’t allowed it because now it owns Motorola. So this is the reason T-Mobile users will not receive this update soon as it will not allow the update for its users. After this update on your device you will be able to use new features of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. So keep checking your phone’s software update section to get this update on your device. Source
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