Motorola pulls all of its Android Products from the German Market

motoAccording to a German News site, the German customers may face a large un-availability of Motorola Android based smart phones in the market.  The patent fight between Microsoft and Motorola has eventually pressurized Motorola to call all of its Android based devices from the German market after its ban in the US market. Although Microsoft tried to make settlement with Motorola out of court, but the company refused to do so with the Bill Gates Company as other Android manufacturers accepted to pay fee to Microsoft. Motorola struggled to recover and tried to get injunctions to stay from the court but instead of its having win, Microsoft has been awarded another Patent injunction from a German Court. We may note that Motorola Mobility’s German website shows no result on the Android phone section. The company offers only three devices for sale presently: Motorola Razr I, Motorola Razr HD and Motorola Gleam+. According to the sources, Company will rework on the software and would remove the same, infringing the patent. The company has not disclosed till yet the time schedule for re-introducing the products. Sources say that it will take time as complete recall of the products from the market is not good for any company. Previously, Motorola has lost many battles in the court of law in Germany against Microsoft and Apple. The only supporting news for the company is that its Razr I and Razr HD are both very established and existing brand in the market.
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