Motorola Olympus Leaked

Some leaked pictures of Motorolo Olympus – a dual-core Processor powered smartphone from Motorola – was reported in Gizmodo. Motorola Olympus is also known as Motorola Terminator. The picture is not of high quality, but you can still make out the design which resembles that of Google nexus s and that of iPhone is some ways. The device appears to bear 4 inch touchscreen and has 4 fixed hardware buttons common among most android smartphones. This handset is expected to feature tegra 2 chipset and is touted as ‘iPhone Killer’. It’s becoming a fashion to tout handsets as ‘iPhone Killer’ just on the basis of hardware specs. By the time, these handsets will hit the market iPhone would have been it’s kind of meaningless battle to launch ‘iPhone Killer’. motorola_olympus_!Motorola_olympus_2 LG Recently announced a Dual-core in the form of LG Star, Samsung is working on a dual-core smartphone as well..All these handsets are expected to be featured in CES 2011. 2011 is definitely the year of dual-core phones 🙂 via Gizmodo

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