Motorola Moto X Play unboxing: a peek inside the box of the brand’s latest mid-ranger

“Here’s what you get inside the retail box of the Moto X Play”

Unlike most phone brands who have multiple products across price points, the Lenovo-owned Motorola has kept it simple – it has three smartphone series targeting different segments. While its E series aims at the first-time smartphone users, its best-selling G range focusses on the affordable segment. The X series forms its top-end offerings.

Moto X Play unboxing 03

While the strategy is straightforward and doesn’t confuse prospective consumers, it has also left a significant gap in Motorola’s portfolio – it doesn’t have a single device in the mid-range category. Thankfully with the third-generation of the Moto X, the brand is targeting this segment as it has launched two different devices – the Moto X Play and Moto X Style (first impressions). While the former is a mid-budget offering, the latter continues the legacy of its flagship predecessors. Considering the price-conscious market that is India, the company has recently launched the Moto X Play in association with its exclusive online partner Flipkart. It remains to be seen whether Motorola’s offering is able to stand out in the hyper-competitive mid-range segment (our upcoming review will cover that in detail), but for now, let’s check out what do you get inside its retail box.

Continuing with Motorola’s minimalistic ideology, the Moto X Play comes hidden in a compact rectangular box. Prying open the lid brings up the handset itself, which looks standard at the front, but flip to the back and you’d see a bright purple back panel greeting you. As highlighted in our first impressions as well, the mobile can be purchased with a variety of  optional back plate options such as blue and red among a dozen others. The default options however, are black or white.

Moto X Play unboxing 02

Below the tray, you’ll find the regular set of accessories – a wall charger, a micro-USB cable and a pair of earphones. The charging adapter is rated at 1,150mAh and is quite useful for charging other gadgets as well, as it features two USB ports. However, it must be noted that even though the phone supports quick charging feature, the compatible Turbo charger needs to be purchased separately. Lastly, the box includes a SIM ejection tool along with a couple of manuals such as the quick start guide and safety information.

Moto X Play unboxing 06 Moto X Play unboxing 11

That ends the unboxing of Motorola latest device in the Indian market, stay tuned to know more about the Moto X Play over the coming few days.

Moto X Play unboxing 01

Photos by Raj Rout

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