Motorola MC959B will be the first mobile with a software defined radio

image A Software radio concepts lets you tune into an infinite number of stations. It was introduced by Qualcomm with the name “Gobi” for laptops. Now the Motorola has launched a Windows Mobile 6.5 packed enterprise computing mobile MOTOROLA MC959B which is the first mobile device to ship with Qualcomm’s Gobi chip on board. Rather than work with just one networking technology, Gobi chips have software-defined radios on board, which can be reconfigured at will to access either GSM/UMTS or CDMA networks. Since launch, Gobi chips have been restricted to netbooks and laptops. The chips offer device makers more flexibility when it comes to making handsets for various network operators. Aside from the MC959B, Gobi chips have not been appear in any mass-market devices. We will soon be back with pricing and more specs.
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