Motorola launch event live webcast

“Tune in to see Motorola launch its latest offerings live”

The Indian smartphone industry has witnessed quite a few massive changes in the recent past, and leading the charge is Motorola… the brand that pioneered exclusive online sales in the country with its Moto G. The original Moto G landed in India in February last year, and since then, Motorola has been responsible for disrupting the smartphone arena in India with its value-for-money offerings on a regular basis. After the G, Motorola introduced the innovative Moto X and then the budget Moto E in the Indian market. Known for their solid builds, stock Android and promise of timely OS updates, and the VFM trio are presently in their second generations after the lineup got refreshed late last year. It’s time for yet another wave, as the brand gets ready to unveil its latest offerings.

Join us here at 4 pm on July 28th (Tuesday), and watch the launch proceedings live. 

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