More OUT OF AN AMOLED SCREEN: Let’s think curvy

AMOLED screens are capable of advancing technology and making it more interesting than what you’d normally expect. We associate AMOLED screens with tablets, monitors and phones but have we pondered over the extent of application this screen can offer. Manufacturers have tried to make flexible screens, and have envisioned creating screens that look like a scroll out of a period movie. Stretching the imagination by applying curved AMOLED screen’s to our daily gadgets will transform them into something futuristic. 1ssa2 Using the curved AMOLED screen technology on phones means that the phone itself can be protected and covered and even turned off whereas a fine sheet of curved AMOLED will continue to work giving you notifications throughout. This may suck the life out of your battery faster, but consider the usefulness. Gaming can also be spruced up with a curved AMOLED screen. For instance, you can have a thin gaming controller fitted with a screen that is curved around the device, as opposed to a stiff boxy rigid protruding fixture of a screen which is separate. These curved AMOLED beauties can even be utilized to style up your car by finding place anywhere in the interiors. Through these displays you can merge your GPS, stereo controls and speedometer. This reduces space taken up in your car and also makes it look high tech. This technology can even be employed in watch manufacturing. We can think of a million uses for it, but the first should be those most useful and price justifying. It may fail to succeed through the first rounds of trials but when it does in fact manage to find commercial footing, it is one towards the future. Let’s hope Samsung manages to knock this out of the park and bring it into use sooner than we forecast. Allowing investors and merges to take this technology to its full potential, can see AMOLED’s being more commonly used in the upcoming years. 

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