More images of Blackberry X10 surfaces

Recent images of the front side of  Blackberry X10, which got its name confirmed with the Blackberry Z10 have been released. This release comes post the release of the rear side of the device a few days ago on the web. Blackberry has also unveiled some details of Blackberry Z10, but for Blackberry X10, only a couple of images are available as of now. blackberry-x10-n-series QWERTY The released images suggest that the screen occupies the major portion of the device. The basic QWERTY design remains unchanged however there have been some finer changes in the design. BlackBerry X10 will come in White color as well as Black color. The BlackBerry X 10 will be officially presented by RIM on January 30, 2013. The overall keypad line up is giving the device an elegant look that is enhanced by its sharp and curved edges and dark screen. It has a more streamlined and straight keyboard compared to the semi curved keys of previous versions of Blackberry.

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