Mophie unveils juice pack pro, battery fitted iPhone cases

mophiepowerpackpro With largest battery and cool rugged looks, Mophie offers you juice pack pro fitted with iPhone cases. Juice Pack Pro has been designed keeping the customer’s perspective in mind. It is a fully featured and stylish option for you. It is instilled with the micro USB cable that paves the way for you to sync to iTunes. A standby switch is embedded by which you can charge your juice when needed. Charging your iPhone with standby switch will ensure a long battery life. The impact resistant design of this juice pack pro is above par with MIL-STD 810G specification. This means that your iPhone will remain completely secure not only from the physical damage but also from dust particles. The vibration and shock protection technology is also of good standard. The LEDs fixed at the bottom of the juice pack pro signals you about the battery charging. The rubberized outer cover gives your screen rainwater protection. It is for sure that under Mophie Juice Pack Pro, you can confidently use your iPhone under all tough situations.
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