Monthly wrap up – September 10

September was an important month. Both for the mobile industry and While the global mobile industry witnessed a lot of important announcement and launches, we put one important step ahead towards being the best ever mobile portal. Some of the most important global events/announcements/launches were:

That’s about global market. If we talk about Indian mobile industry, there was even more kiosk in the market. Have a look at some important happenings of Indian mobile market. Enough of market talk. As I said above, September was an important month for too. First of all we put an important step ahead to fulfill the commitment to provide you a 360-degree mobile solution portal. We initiated a lot of activities on our blog and the writers did an excellent job indeed. Our coverage and frequency in this month was even better than some of the best portals around. All thanks to your tremendous support. You supported us on every front. We completed the journey from 91 fans on Facebook to 838 in just 25 days. Your comments, questions and feedbacks kept us boosted through out the month. Our Top 5 series, started in September only, too was a great success only due to your involvement. We started the top 5 series to keep you updated about the best phones in all segments. Below is the list of all the posts under this series (In case you missed some): At the end End always initiates a beginning and the beginning causes celebration. While writing the last post of the month I am celebrating your company with hopes to touch bigger benchmarks by the end of next month. This is what Math calls exponential growth. Once again, thanks a lot, be with us as always.
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