Monster Inspiration – Active Noise Canceling version

The Monster has acquired a good position in the headphone market and is not letting any gap in time to produce and release fresh headphones in the market. It produces headphones with high sonic quality that provides a nice treat to the ears. Moreover, it is really good to the headphone fans by spoiling them with a vast array of choices. Monster Inspiration The Monster Inspiration is a full size headphone that is targets a more sophisticated group of listeners who is more into well balanced and engaging sound quality along with a trendy style statement. The Inspiration offers two versions, namely a passive noise isolation version, which blocks sound with the help of a fine seal around the ear, and an active noise-canceling version that uses active electronics to cancel out noise. As we have already seen the credentials of the passive noise isolation version, Let us now take a closer look at the active noise cancellation version of this pair of headphones. Design and features The Monster Inspiration has a extremely softly padded and luxurious leatherette earpads that provides soft cushioning on your ears, and the headband’s underside is equally soft. The Inspiration comes in two colour options, black and white, while the passive version sports a matte black look; the active noise-canceling version has glossy black earcups. The earcups can be flexibly folded in for storage. The headphone has a sturdy and durable look and feel throughout its body. Monster gives the freedom to interchange the outer headband of the Inspiration. Apart from the included black leatherette headband, Monster also includes a glossy snake-skin like black option and other 16 more color and pattern options are provided on the company website. Fit and comfort The Inspiration has a relatively higher clamping force on the ears as compared to other headphones but it cannot be termed as uncomfortable. It provides excellent seal around the ears for enhanced noise isolation. The headband is softly padded that should not give any serious comfort issue. However, as comfort level differs according to individuals, few people with bigger head sizes may find it to be little tight and the clamping force to be little uncomfortable for prolonged wear. As this headphone uses a less breathable material on its earcups, it can also make your ears warm. And if it is at all uncomfortable then it is because of its superior passive noise isolation capability. Audio performance This pair of headphones provides high quality sound with superb balance and clarity. It reproduces the tracks with all the details intact and whether it is vocals or instruments, everything is delivered with their individual charming effects. In few words, the Monster Inspiration provides great sound that is crisp and crystal clear with a punchy warm bass and nice treble treatment. Conclusion The Inspiration is costly with a price tag of $300, but with its superior sonic quality and quality noise cancelling performance, it is a very competent headphone. Thus, if you have very refined ears, the inspiration can be your choice.

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