Monster Gratitude earphones review

Nowadays it has become a trend in the headphone market to launch a headset with the endorsements of a celebrity from the musical world. However, nothing depends on the name or a pop-star’s signature, when it comes to a headset; what matters most is the sound quality. Listening through the Monster Gratitude earphones One of such headsets is the Monster Gratitude earphone that comes with Miles Davis’ name attached to it. However, it was not only about the name in this case, as it turned out to be worthy of its tribute to Miles Davis. Though these earphones are rather expensive with the $200 price point, they are pretty worth shelling the bucks. Let us take a brief look at it. Design and features Monster’s patent way of not disclosing detailed specifications for its headsets continued with the Gratitude earphones as well. Driver size, frequency response, etc are not published. The Gratitude earphones look very attractive indeed with the rose-gold finish of its driver housings. The drivers in these headphones are angled little forward to follow the shape of the ear canal. The Monster Gratitude comes with a 50-inch tangle-resistant flat cable along with a control-talk microphone. Fit and comfort The Gratitude has medium-sized foam tips already installed on the headphones, they are really very comfortable. Additionally, they come packed with a lot of ear-tips to provide the right fit for your personal ear-canal-size and are very suitable for lengthy wears. Audio performance The Monster Gratitude would make you ask for more every time you listen to your favourite music through these earphones. The earphone has a crystal clear sound quality that is amazingly balanced and incredibly detailed. It has a warm and resonant bass that would become punchy only if the sound track originally has it. The midrange is open and smooth and the treble treatment is excellent with no harshness or dullness. All tracks are played in their pure form with no unnatural effect added to them but with a bright sparkling note. Conclusion The Monster Gratitude earphone is an all-rounder in its class.

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