Mobilize your content – App Wizard from OVI

Nokia has opened up a “Do it yourself Wizard” web-interface to create your own apps, which can run on Symbian Platforms. Basically this APP Wizard will allow you to “mobilize” your content using RSS or ATOM feeds from your blog. There are no programming skills required. This is open to Individuals as well as to Businesses. Typically, when someone registers and submits an app to OVI Store, within 24 hours, the app would be approved and would be ready for distribution for millions of OVI Store customers. You can configure your app icon, logo, name, description, which countries it should be distributed to, what should be the price point etc.,? You can even monetize your content by enabling the advertising feature! Once the app is live, ovi store allows you monitor the real-time stats such as how many times your app was viewed, how many users etc., Go, Mobilize your content using OVI App Wizard. APPWIZARD_Screenshot

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